COVID-19 guidance

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, UK schools were temporarily closed, with students having online lessons, or postponing their planned overseas study. However, the situation in the UK has improved greatly over the past year due to major vaccination efforts. The UK is a country with one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. As of August 2021, 70.5% of the whole population has got one vaccine, and 58.8% have got both vaccines. The UK government has announced that they will start vaccinating all age 16-17 from this summer as well, and there is a possibility that all 12-15 will be vaccinated too. From September 2021, all schools will have already resumed face-to-face teaching which we believe provides the most effective environment for learning. 

Through the pandemic, we have been in constant contact with schools and have helped communicate the latest regulations, safety measures, travel restrictions, quarantine requirements etc with students and their overseas families. We want to make sure that the students and families are always up to date, and that they understand the latest guidance from schools. We also keep schools updated on students’ plans regarding travelling to/from the UK to ensure the school can make arrangements. Any questions parents will be promptly answered and issued dealt with. 

At EduExcellence, we firmly believe in the value of UK education and recognise that perseverance and determination in difficult times will be enable many opportunities for students’ learning and future.


Guidance on UK entry and quarantine (as of 8th August 2021) 

Boarding school pupils who are ordinarily resident in the UK, including those who are unaccompanied and who are attending boarding schools on a child student visa or student visa, who have travelled from or through amber list countries (and have not been in a red country or France in the previous 10 clear days), are exempt from the requirements to quarantine and take a day 8 test.

Those aged 11 to 17 need proof of a negative COVID-19 test to travel to England (children aged 10 and under are exempt from this) and those aged 5 to 17 must take a COVID-19 travel test on or before day 2. More information is provided in the government’s quarantine and testing guidance.