International School Exchange

From the very start of our founding, we have been working with schools in the UK and China to promote  cultural and educational exchange, so that students from both countries can have the opportunity to have study tours and short exchanges to broaden their horizons.  We have linked the following schools / colleges and universities with their overseas counterparts in the form of sister school and/or strategic partnership. 

  • Shrewsbury 6th Form College with Jiangsu Foreign Language School (2015)
  • Shrewsbury 6th Form College with Zibo No. 5 Middle School, Shandong (2015)
  • Burton and South Derbyshire College with Suzhou Education Park (2015)
  • Middlesex University and Suzhou Institute of Economic and Trade (2018)
  • Middlesex University and University of Science and Technology Liaoning (2018)
  • Norwich School and Nanjing Foreign Language School (2018)