“Ning Chang is the most reliable education consultant I have ever met so far. He always listens to my ideas and carefully selects the right school for me. He also highly cared about my daily life and gave me a lot of warmth when I first came to the UK. He can be fully trusted on his professionalism and at a personal level ”

Keren came to England to study A levels at Christ Hospital in 2016 as the first student coming from mainland China in the school’s 500+ years history. She graduated from University of Southampton with first class honours in Electric and Electronic Engineering in 2018 and is starting her postgraduate study with Imperial College.
Keren Ai

“I feel fortunate that my parents chose to use the services offered by EduExcellence for my overseas education. Mr. and Mrs. Chang and found the right school for me for my A level and they often visited me and I could always talk to them when I have any questions, or even when I just had a bad day, they are someone I can trust and talk to. They care so much about the work and they made a very positive impact on my academic and career aspirations, which helped me to graduate from the biomedicine course at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I am now doing PhD with Imperial. I am very grateful to them for putting me to the right path at the start of my journey of discovering myself and the world”.

Coming to the UK to do A levels in 2015, Tiffany progressed to Birmingham Medical School in 2017 to study Biomedicine. She then progressed to Imperial College to do a master’s degree in medical science. She finished with first class honours and has been made an offer by Imperial to do a PhD, focusing on global health and TB treatment.
Tiffany He

“EduExcellence is a consultancy which understood my needs very well. When I first decided to apply to a boarding school, I know very little about UK’s education and Mr. Chang explained to me in great details and helped me chose the right school. He was also my guardian and took good care of my needs as an overseas boarding student. It’s a right choice for my family to have chosen him for my overseas study and I am very grateful for the professional advice I have got from Ning” 

Eric came to the UK to study A levels with Loughborough Grammar School in
September 2015. He progressed to LSE to study Banking and Financial Management. Upon graduation in 2020, he has accepted a job with a French investment bank located in Hong Kong.
Eric Li

“Mr. Chang was my guardian throughout my IGCSE and A-Levels, and he went above and beyond that role to care for me in both my academic and personal life. He was more of a mentor who gave me countless useful advice on my study, career and future directions, and continued to do so long after the guardianship ended. He was always present in events such as parents meeting and prize giving, and made sure that i was getting along in school and the boarding house. I have benefited a lot from his advice and care and i am grateful that we have kept in touch all these years”

Coco came to the UK to study GCSE in Sep 2015 in Scarborough College and graduated with the 2nd highest result in the school. She moved to D’Overbroecks to do A level and entered UCL to do Art and Science with 4 A*s.
Coco Jin

“Eduxcellence is a super reliable & responsible institution that would take care of your study life in the UK. With their thoughtful care and hospitable service, the first step of my journey abroad was happy, safe, solid and promising—so will yours”

Samantha’s journey with her overseas education started in Sep 2015 when she came to the UK for A levels. She moved on to University of Bristol and completed her BA Film and Drama. She is now working in Shanghai as a playwriter and has produced some very popular screenplays.
Samantha Li

“The educational consultancy Mr. Chang planned my overseas education in a what I say a perfect way, from language school, followed by IFP, and even during my university application process, he has put in lots of time and care to my study and my life in UK. I experienced a totally new education system here and I am very grateful that I have got into the university of my dream. My confidence and ability also improved dramatically during this period, and I can see I will have a life so much more enriched, through the help I have got. I thoroughly recommend Mr. Chang’s consultancy to any overseas students planning to come to study in the UK”

Zihao’s journey in the UK started with a 5-month long intensive language school in Norwich in January 2018. Over this period, he made great progress in English and in September the same year he started with an IFP course in Birmingham. He successfully got into University of Birmingham to study Electrical & Electronic Engineering. His career goal is to become an underground railway design engineer and he is getting closer to his dream every day.
Zihao Zhang

EduExcellence is a highly trusted and responsible education consultancy. Their professionalism competence is beyond any doubt. I feel very lucky to have attended Norwich School through the recommendation of Mr. Chang. The A level course there really brought out the best time in me. I really benefited from the professional advice I received from this consultancy on my educational journey, and thanks again to Ning Chang for his patient guidance.” 

Xiaoshan came to UK half a year prior to her A level study and did a pre A level course, before moving to Norwich School, a top school in East England for her art and design course. She successfully got several offers from top art universities and decided to attend Glasgow Art University.
Xiaoshan Huang

“I am very grateful for the assistance I have got from Mr. Chang and his colleagues, which was instrumental in my decision to come to UK to study. With their help, I found the confident to study and the fun in studying, which enabled me to get into University of Bristol to study the major I truly enjoy studying. I am also grateful for the care I got from Mr. Chang and his wife while I was in the UK, and I believe that I will be staying in touch with them in the future years as well”

Jinyi came to the UK in January 2017. She first did a 4-month language course in Norwich, before enrolling in an IFP course in Birmingham. She graduated with 4 A* and went on to the University of Bristol to study Finance and Statistics.
Jingyi Lv

“I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to my guardian Ning Chang, who helped me a lot from 2017 to 2020. He is the most competent guardian I have ever seen. Every time, he could give the most suitable decisions and advice to different students when they need to choose their schools, or their home stay, or other essential decisions depending on their situations. What I remember the most was the advice he gave me on school selection, that ‘when you make the school selection choice, no matter it is for A levels or for universities course, do not just look at the ranking of the school or university in the league table, but rather consider more of your own situation and then choose the most suitable one for yourself, by knowing what you are good at and your real interest. I felt very fortunate to have got to Manchester University to do economic course after my boarding school life, and I can already start looking at my next step for my postgraduate studies.”

Shirley started attending Ely School, a historic boarding school in England, from early 2017. After competing her GCSEs and A levels, she progressed to Manchester University to do Economics. In addition to her studies, she was a member of the school orchestra and played flute and has performed in Ely Cathedral numerous times during her time there.
Shirley Ye

“I am very grateful for the academic advice passed on to me by Mr. Chang, from the university course selection, all the way to my settling after arrival in the UK. All made me feel that it was the best choice I made to utilize the services from Mr. Chang and his team. It is a blessing that I could get to know such a professional and dedicated team, which enabled me to boost my confidence in academic course, and helped me settled down in the UK very quickly. We actually kept in touch over the past years – he is a very good mentor to me and I think many students will benefit from his help in the future”. 

Shiyang graduated from the Central Academy of Drama of China for her undergraduate study. She took advice from us and applied to MA in Drama Education from University of York, and Warwick University. She came to the UK to study for her MA in September 2020 and benefited a lot from the course. Her confidence developed through this experience will help her a long way in her pursuit of her career aspirations to become a university drama lecturer.
Shiyang Zhang

“EduExcellence is the great educational consultancy when I am in the UK. It is my honour to meet Ning Chang who provided me lots of useful and professional advice about University decisions. His service is customised according to my needs. Moreover, Ning Chang gives lots of supports on my personal life. I cannot sufficiently express my thanks for his thoughtful kindness. I would highly recommend EduExcellence to any students who prepare to study aboard.” 

Annie came to study A levels straight after finishing senior school 1 in Zhuhai, China and got many great offers at the end of her A levels. She chose the Financial Management course in Bath University due to the opportunity for a year abroad. During the year abroad, she studied in Hong Kong and worked for a world leading consulting firm. She has finished her undergraduate study and is starting her postgraduate degree in Economics with Warwick University, which is ranked within the top 5 in the UK for Economics.
Annie Wang

Mr. Chang is a very reliable education councillor and a guardian. He has been helping me with the selection of my art foundation course, settling down upon arrival in the UK, holiday accommodation, student visa and communications with my college to make sure that I fully develop my confidence and on my academics. I am especially grateful that he has helped me so much by providing advice to me and my family, and keeping in touch with the college on my wellbeing when I was facing the pandemic and decided to stay in the UK in spring and summer 2020. I owe a big Thank You to him indeed.

Julia came to study extended art foundation in the beginning of 2020 with CSVPA in Cambridge. Following the start of the pandemic, she has stayed in the UK rather than going back home in China. Upon the completion of the foundation, she has got several great offers in university and has decided to study in UAL.
Julia Wen